Important Information for Conditions of Use.

  1. This email / tender documentation and its files have been issued with the sole intention of tendering the attached documents. If this email has been issued to you in error please notify Joss Estimating Manager on 02 60511900.
  2. It is the Sub Contractors / Suppliers responsibility to check that they have correctly downloaded all the documents. This can be checked against the project specific transmittal document.
  3. For the purpose of tendering, all project specific documents need to be read in conjunction with one another, and in turn the pricing is to reflect the full scope of works being tendered.
  4. Documents downloaded during the tendering process are to be for tendering purposes only and not passed onto any third parties not directly involved with the specific tender unless approved by Joss.
  5. Addendum updates will automatically be issued via email with a link to the addendum; it is the Sub Contractors / Suppliers responsibility to regularly check and down load any addendums notified via email.
  6. The date nominated on the Invitation to Tender document has the specific tender closing date for the Sub Contractor / Supplier, this date will only change via an addendum.
  7. Passwords & login details are the responsibility of the Sub Contractor / Supplier; these are not to be passed on to any other third party. Joss Group reserves the right to revoke any Sub Contractors/ Suppliers access at any time.
  8. Passwords may be periodically updated which may require the Sub Contractor / Supplier to reregister or have Joss Group issue a new password.
  9. By logging on to and entering this website your company is deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the conditions as noted in this Important Information (points 1-9 inclusive).